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Welcome to Blessingway Authors' Services

Welcome to the world of Blessingway Authors' Services. We seek to promote personal and collective freedom, healing, and love through the development of books that prize new truths over old oppressive myths. We value originality, creative ways of seeing, and unsung victories.

Written with courage and personal conviction, the books we edit and produce contribute to the well-being of readers and those whose lives they touch. They celebrate the cycles and expressions of nature while inspiring enhanced understanding, expanded consciousness, global cooperation, and relationships founded on peace, compassion, and respect. They help build a world that works for everyone.

From the pens of new authors as well as seasoned ones, Blessingway's books are relevant to contemporary audiences yearning for wholeness in their lives and in their communities. Timely and insightful, they serve to teach, share, inform, or entertain . . . and always enlighten.

What We Do

Blessingway Authors' Services assists authors in effectively reaching a wide readership, both nationally and internationally. We guide written material through the wheels of publishing and into the literary marketplace. Some call us midwives; others, shepherds. We call ourselves writers' advocates. Although we specialize in helping writers become independent publishers, we offer a wide range of publishing services. Blessingway provides the following forms of professional assistance:

For writers seeking publication
• Editorial - book development, substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, copywriting
• Preparation of book proposal
• Links to literary agents
• Select literary agenting and contract negotiations

For writers seeking to self-publish
• Editorial - from manuscript to bound book
• Ancillary forms and applications
• Interior design and production
• Cover design and production
• Printer bids and print supervision
• Links to distributors and wholesalers

For self-publishers seeking to expand their visibility and profitability
• Foreign rights agenting
• Marketing assistance
• Promotional assistance
• Media representation

For traditional publishers seeking to outsource editorial, production, marketing, or promotion services
• Book development, substantive editing, copyediting, indexing
• Cover design
• Subsidiary rights agenting
• Print and broadcast media representation
• Website optimization

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